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A Beautiful Brunch at Oeuf

Tucked away on third avenue in Hove, Oeuf is the newest brunch hotspot to hit the posher side of Brighton.

A parisian cafe but also a bar, restaurant – and florist. Owned by Amber Sterck, she describes Oeuf as ”Wes Anderson meets Parisian macaron shop” and doesn’t that just sound like a pastel coloured DREAM!

Oeuf Hove Entrance
Oeuf Hove Entranceway

Upon arrival you are greeted at the beautiful mint green door with a pop up flower stand. The black and white chequered tiles and mint green entry are possibly the most instagrammable in Hove.
Once inside you are surrounded by beautiful pastel colours, soft furnishings, pretty flowers and a really welcoming atmosphere. Even the ceilings are beautiful!

Oeuf Hove Bar Area
Oeuf Hove Bar Area

I was lucky enough to visit on the very first weekend they opened and wow was I pleasantly surprised. 12 long years ago I actually worked on the opening team of a restaurant in Brighton and let me tell you….. ITS NOT EASY! Those first few days are TOUGH in the best of times, let alone with all the extra added covid guidelines they must have to follow.
You NEVER would have known they had JUST opened, our experience was perfect. The service was friendly, speedy and very covid safe, all the staff were following the guidelines and also ensuring that others were too which was a lovely relief.

Oeuf Hove Bar Area
Oeuf Hove Bar Area

Oeuf hosts a very impressive menu.

It feels like everywhere you go at the moment there is a new brunch spot opening up and it is tough to stay unique and stand out! Oeuf has done that with their menu!
The menu is filled with a mix of unique and classic dishes, with eggs being a star of course (given the name is Egg in french, how could you not!).
Offering a range of locally sourced breakfast, brunch and light bites with the option to eat in or take away, there is also a beautiful looking little garden out back which will be a absolute hidden GEM come springtime!

You can enjoy classic brunch dishes like Oeuf Benedict, full english breakfasts, pancakes and smashed avocado, each using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and done in their own unique Oeuf way. There is a simple toast bar menu and stunning Chia Smoothie Bowls for a healthier option which are to die for.

Oeuf Menu
Oeuf Menu

Then there are the unique dishes which I came for…

Oeuf. & Surf – Fresh Crab on Sourdough Drizzled With Brown Butter Sauce and Topped With A Poached Egg which is other worldy with how good it is. Oeuf Troyal with smoked Chalkstream Trout and Skillets… delish tomato and egg dishes served with toasted sourdough for dipping, there are a few options of skillets including spinach & mushroom or chorizo and peppers (YUM!).

There is also a very good selections of Piadinas. Piadina is a really tasty, thin italian flatbread which Oeuf offer with a selection of tasty fillings. Perfect to grab and go on lunch break or on your way to the beach.

Cocktails at Oeuf
Cocktails at Oeuf

Alongside your meal you can enjoy yummy cocktails, including a spicy margarita! Plus great selection of wine, coffees and teas. Oeuf are aiming to be as sustainable as possible, even down to the coffee beans which are delivered locally by bicycle from Pharmacy Coffee.

There is also a tasty looking selection of cakes and desserts but I sadly had absolutely no space left… I hope to pop in for coffee and cake very soon.

Oeuf has done something special in Hove…

They stand out among a sea of independent cafes and not without good reason! Being in Oeuf, it felt shiny and new but somehow also like I had been going for years. Truly, Oeuf already feels like a staple in Hove and they are a very welcome addition.
They are not offering a bottomless brunch option yet so, I am keeping my fingers crossed for that someday.

Looking forward to my next visit already!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Oeuf today, all the opinions are entirely my own (I have yet to see a bad review of Oeuf though!!) and I truly hope you head there to try it yourself.
Stay safe,
Love you all,

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20 October 2020 at 4:26 pm

With a name like that… I wanted to see more of the eggs…

21 October 2020 at 11:58 am

The place is simple but so beautiful and cozy! This is kinda my place 😀 There are so many places like this in Bali but I haven’t visited one lol ~ This is a great review, Rachael! Thank you xxx

21 October 2020 at 10:38 pm

They look seriously adorable! The green and gold are totally reminiscent of Laduree and I love it. Sounds like the food and drinks are utterly delicious as well. I hope one day I get to visit here!

22 October 2020 at 11:20 am

Wow……what a beautiful cafe to dine at. I wish this cafe has a branch in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Hehehe…….

22 October 2020 at 11:40 am

What a cute brunch spot! Love it!

22 October 2020 at 5:53 pm

I love the way eateries like this really make an effort with the outside areas, and inside decoration, it draws you in. It makes you want to enter doesn’t it. Beautiful place

22 October 2020 at 5:54 pm

Great post! This looks so lovely and fun. I’d love to visit and have brunch here! Definitely picking up on the Wes Anderson vibes. Thank you for sharing!

28 October 2020 at 5:38 pm

What a wonderful post! I love the way you talk so highly about this beautiful place. I love the photos, it really looks like a gorgeous place to be. They are lucky to have someone like you write a blog about them.

13 November 2020 at 7:31 am

This looks like a great place, the food looks lovely. Thank you for sharing your experience.

16 November 2020 at 1:36 pm

I love finding shops, cafes and restaurants that are hidden away from the crowd! This place looks so pretty and downright worthy of a share on social media and blog! I would probably visit the place if I live nearby.

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