A Monday in my life

A Monday In The Life… The New Normal

Welcome or Welcome Back! Today I wanted to share a post on a Monday in my life in pandemic times! This is a kind of post I really enjoy reading so hopefully you will to!

This HEAT is killing my sleep so I was up and awake at 6am. Played on my phone for a bit and laid with the cat, then got up to start my day.

Early Start.. this heat wont let me sleep. At least I have a lovely view from my bed!


Up and dressed and I am out, aiming for 10,000 steps a day every day this week so this is the perfect way to start the day right! Sometimes I run but today I feel like a walk (it’s too hot for me to RUN!!) Before I leave, I always make sure to press record on Strava!! I love to see at the end of the week/month how well I have done but I am TERRIBLE at remembering to press record. Plus there are challenges you can choose to join or set your own challenges for yourself!

Side note – If you are on strava let’s follow each other!
LINKED HERE – download now, its a awesome app!

While out for my walk in the mornings I get on to YouTube and listen to CNN and MSNBC to catch up on. With the time difference, a lot of big American news happens overnight and I’m very keen on U.S politics. I am NOT a trump fan! I pay for YouTube premium so I can listen to videos without ads and I can use other apps while playing videos in the backgrounds, so it feels similar to a podcast. If there isn’t much news on YouTube then I usually listen to a podcast. Usually the news again, I like to stay up to date and I feel like it wakes up my brain abit for the day! If I’m out running then I listen to music!

While out, I get planning my day and the upcoming week! Last night I downloaded a app called Calendars. I used to keep a simple to do list for work just in a notebook but now I am working on my Blog and socials I want to keep organised on my phone with all my to do lists and plans in 1 place!

The route I decided on today was a simple one!

I live in a very residential area with 2 parks close by so it’s beautiful. When all the houses are as beautiful as they are round here though it’s such a gorgeous walk plus some nice views of Brighton. Blakers Park is a beautiful hidden gem! It’s never too busy and has beautiful views, a children’s play park, shady areas and even a cafe that opens in the summertime.

Home by 8.45

Then shower and change to start work at 9am. I have been working from home since March 16th and I will be working from home until at least early 2021 so it has been quite something to adapt to! I have really relied on apps like Flora to keep my focus during the day, Flora will plant a tree for every hour you don’t look at your phone. Best part is you can choose how long each focus period is… I have 25 minutes most of the time! So after 25 minutes of not looking at my phone, a little bell will go off and then I will have 5 minutes off my laptop. This really helps stop me procrastinating!! Because I know that soon enough I will be allowed to look at my phone… just wait for that DING.


I LOVE stationary.. Seriously I love organisers and planners way to much. I have more than I have a need for but at least I will always be organised (well…… maybe)

I am planner MAD!
This is Misty …
Shes cranky because I wont let her outside today…
And then she got more cranky because I didn’t take her seriously while she looked so pretty in the paper flowers…

Not being in the office also meant not having the same amenities.. like a desk! So I found this coffee table online and it is absolutely perfect! It lifts up to create a desk and it’s at the perfect height when I am sat on the sofa. Saved a tonne compared to buying a whole desk. Plus when I have my dinner on the sofa it’s handy too! The desk is from ……. and was only ….. I put it together myself in one evening, it was a really simple flat pack.
Definitely recommend for anyone working from their sofa! PLUS SO much extra storage , the draw is SO deep. AND for under £70 with free deliveryy!! I have linked it on the photos!

Regular coffee table ….
Then the top raises up and acts as a desk or lap table!
Below the lift up part is such a deep draw. Can’t recommend this table enough!

Usually I like to alternate between working in the garden or inside but today we have work being done in the garden so can’t sit out there at the moment! Which is a shame in this weather.


supposed to be lunch time but my laptop has decided to run suuuper slow today so tech are on remotely. Giving me a little time to work on my blog during work hours and not feel guilty!

2.15pm – I get to go on lunch!

I have a Shake or smoothie for breakfast and lunch each day. Unless I have plans to go out to eat! Then off for another walk… these 10,000 steps are not going to happen from my sofa! It has been such a struggle to stay active since working from home… I used to have the journey to and from work at least PLUS my office has a gym in which obviously at the moment isn’t open. SO I have to force myself a lot more to get up and moving, setting myself challenges on strava really has helped!

Shorts missguided and these trainers are PRIMARK!! THEY HAVE LASTED YEARS
and are super comfy
The Calendars app has actually been SO FAB today!!!

I’m a horrendous procrastinator! And this app is actually keeping me on track. You can colour code different events however you like, work, personal, socials .. however you want to do it. Set alarms to remind you when your next meeting is coming up. I literally set my whole day – different hours on work, when my lunch break was and mini breaks from my laptop plus all my work calls and meetings. REALLY impressed with how well it kept me on track!

After work I went and checked out the work on the garden so far, today they removed a lot of ivy that was trailing up the walls of the house and wow it has made SUCH a difference! I spent a good hour outside sweeping and making the garden look beautiful. It’s such a big beautiful space! I feel very lucky to have such a great space in Brighton!

My Little Backyard Getaway…
I have linked the pink childrens bench from Argos.
BARGAIN at £20 and they also do it in BLUE!
There is still some work to do but its pretty perfect to me!
I have linked my pink sunbed – in this pic are 2 different ones but I got mine from Argos for £25 – they also do this is a really nice teal colour, leopard print and a multicoloured print!


I cook most nights because I really love it. In this heat I couldn’t bare anything heavy so tonight is Salmon roasted in the oven with lemon juice and a little olive oil, vegetable couscous from Aldi, you just add water and boom… tasty, flavoursome couscous! (ITS LIKE 45p and SO YUM!!!) and a big fresh salad with lettuce, tomatoes and radish, finished with some balsamic vinegar and lemon. Super simple, super fresh and suuuper quick and easy!! Plus it’s so cheap, it works out to less than £2 per person!

Evening time

I am just chilling on the sofa and working on my blog! This evening I am working on a interview with a friend, she has just launched her new website which is VERY exciting! Just getting my content together into drafts and making sure I stay on track. The link to that blog is HERE! Definitely go check it out!
I have always got something on the tv! I loveeee to binge watch a good series! At the moment it’s Scorpion on Netflix… NGL I am hooked! Usually either a crime show like Criminal Minds, Elementary, etc or I love a home renovation show or anything with Dr Now in from My 600 lb Life! GUILTY PLEASURE that show is.

Then its off to bed…

I was bought a beautiful journal by my mum for my birthday. It’s a guided, inspirational journal and it is beautiful! Each night I write in it and read parts before bed. Really sends me off to sleep with such a beautiful mindset. A calm mind before sleep is so needed for a restful night and suffer with insomnia quite badly at times so it is really lovely having this journal as a distraction before bed.
The journal is linked HERE – so you can check it out for yourself.

Thanks for joining me on a pretty standard Monday in my life…

What I Achieved Today, What I Am Proud Of…

– So happy hit my 10,000 steps! (I actually did over 11,000 so that’s great)
– Then I completed the blog post I tasked myself yesterday to finish
– I finished the day with a really healthy dinner!

What I Did Not Achieve Today, What I Am Not So Proud Of…

I didn’t complete as much actual work as I would have liked, this is mostly due to my laptop not working for a good portion of the day but I know I will make up for it in the rest of the week. I had some snacks, DID YOU KNOW they now do After Eight French Fancies??? WELL Now I do. soo that happened. Its no bad to snack sometimes but I would like to get stricter with myself, otherwise all the work I am putting in with my steps and healthy dinners will be for nothing!

If you like this kind of post – let me know in the comments!
And if there is anything in particular you want to see, let me know.
But for now…
Stay Safe, Wear A Mask, Love You

Rachael x




11 August 2020 at 10:05 am

Loved this post!! I am also obsessed with your note pad LOL. So funny!
Also great that you found a coffee table that transforms into a desk! So handy 👏🏼

7 September 2020 at 10:24 pm

Will definitely be checking out the calenders app. Loved your post, a day in the life of, interesting, funny and helpful 😁

P. S Check out ‘The Fall’ on Netflix if you haven’t already. Thank me later x

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