Free Fonts & Why You Need Them!

AD Unique, Free Fonts are HERE and ready for you to download, and start using instantly!

No matter what niche you write about, you want to stand out! There are tonnes of talented bloggers and content creators sharing new, engaging content all the time, that’s why you need to make sure you stand out and a simple, effective way to make an impact is by using Free Fonts! Free Fonts are brought to you by Design Bundles, there are TONNES of free fonts already available PLUS every week there is a new font to download, for free! 

The fonts you use are more than just a ‘look’, your fonts can bring a piece to LIFE. Use your fonts to emphasise something, evoke a mood, show emotions and to pull the readers eyes in. Something as simple as a unique font as the headers in a piece, for example, will keep your readers engaged and wanting more.

Rather than scanning over your site just reading bullet points, lists and headers, using your free fonts smartly will get people really reading your content. Bring your work to LIFE! Let your personality shine through what you say and how it reads.

Keeping people engaged and on your site will lower your bounce rate, get more ad views and make you more money.

A font can change everything….

ARE YOU USING PINTEREST? If not, you really need to be! Pinterest is more important now than ever, I know SO many bloggers who get upto 90% of their website traffic from Pinterest alone! Think of Pinterest as a search engine for images, rather than a social media platform. Millions and millions of images to scroll through with most pins often created from templates which tonnes of other people are using, so… how can YOU stand out? WELL, that’s where Free Fonts come in!

Why not download some free fonts and create some gorgeous, UNIQUE pins to suit your niche, you can use Canva to truly personalise them and even animate your work. We all know animated content and video pins get better engagement anyway!! The best part is that you can use your fonts for anything, your blog, your website, on your pins, a logo… even to make content for Instagram. Just download and use, simple as that. 

And all this…. for free???? What more could you ask for as a creative!

It sometimes feels nowadays like everything costs something… so its nice to find a free service like Free Fonts with quality products.

A way I personally love using my free fonts is in my emails! Whether I am sharing a new offer to my subscribers or its my monthly newsletter, what better way to make you notice and stay reading (and clicking!) my email than with gorgeous colours, images and of course, GREAT FONTS! We all receive tonnes of emails a day, it is so easy to scan over your inbox and decide within a short second whether something deserves your attention, so make your emails stand out for the right reasons using your fonts.

Font Bundles mean you can really easily get a bit more creative and stand out from the crowd without a huge subscription cost. 

What I especially love about Font Bundles is the massive variety of fonts! Whatever the niche, season or vibe you’re creating, there is a perfect font for it. They have a huge variety including regular, script, seasonal options and more types to choose from. Check it out for yourself to find out!

The possibilities to get inspired by are endless…

Plus you don’t even need to use them just for work or business, you can up your font game for personal documents too! 

Creating invites or cards – occasions from Happy Birthday to Get Well Soon all ask for a different tone, you wouldn’t write the same message in a card for any occasion so why use the same font! 

Someone’s birthdayUse something fun! 

Getting married – Something Italic and romantic!

Sorry you’re leavingA professional but friendly font.

Get Well Soon Something soft and friendly

Just for a few ideas of the variety you can do… are well known for saving customers money and with their offer of free fonts, you get a new font every week! All of the free fronts are available to download instantly once you sign up.

Try them out and get your Free Fonts here!

What are you going to use your free fonts for next? Be sure to let me know so I can check it out!



19 February 2021 at 7:31 pm

I have heard of Font Bundles before, but I have never tried them out. I definitely should as it would be nice to have unique fonts to use for Pinterest pins!

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