How to Keep Users on Your Website

AD | The biggest concern when designing a website is that your audience will take one look, decide its not for them and leave. Or there’s just so much happening on the first page it becomes overwhelming and once again… they exit your website.

Regularly tracking the bounce rate of your website will reflect whether the design and function of your site is appealing to you audience or not. If this is the case with your site, then you can almost definitely attribute it to having just a single page site, numerous errors holding back your sire function and incorrect formatting for images and text. 

The best web developers will take time to properly plan the design of your website which is why professional business owners choose Stockport website designprofessionals to bring their expertise to your website.

Pressing the Refresh Button

As seasons, trends and your products change you should be sure to apply these changes to your website also.

Regular updated information keeps visitors captured by your websites content and therefore decreases your bounce rate. Readability is a dominating factor in retaining users through appropriately sized headings, font and subheadings. 

Give Your Website Personality 

Are you a friendly and approachable business? If you’re nodding right now, then let me ask…is your website presented the same way?

It is possible that however ‘neat’ your website might appear; your colours or font are just no user friendly. Navigation can also pose issues if it’s too difficult to locate the information the user is looking for; they’re going to exit and look elsewhere – no one likes waiting. 

On the bright side, it could be something as simple as needing responsive web design to ensure that your site is adapting to mobile and tablet users, so what they’re looking for is laid out exactly where they’d expect to find it.

A website with clear navigation is vital to gently lead your users further into your website, which helps keep your bounce rate low whilst subtly nudging them to learn more about your products and services.

Hit Delete to Basic Web Design

There’s only so much patience a customer will have online, and let it be known that their patience online is a lot less that offline.

It is best practice to ensure you have the best speed and security measure installed on your site, so your customers feel as safe online as they do in store and aren’t kept waiting which is a standard customer service expectation.

Another aspect you should try and keep to a minimum is pop up’s or adverts. Features such as this can cause a little bit of frustration when your customers can’t get to the information they’re looking for because your pop ups are in the way.

It really is simple, high bounce rate leads to less profit from online sales and less returning web traffic.

With professional internet marketing advice from digital marketers, you can find the best solutions to help your website perform at its best, without it becoming over completed for you or you customers.

How to Keep Users on Your Website



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Thank you for this post! It is definitely helpful to know, especially as a new blogger.

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