Ibiza – More Than Just A Party!

Nowhere Else I Would Rather Be…

Ibiza is one of the most well known party destinations around the world!
With world famous beach clubs, super clubs and the biggest names in music performing every night, many with residencies.
After 5 holidays it was safe to say I knew the island well, every party, venue and beach, you could ask me almost anything so when I decided to do a season it was a no brainer that I wanted to work for one of the biggest companies on the white isle, the Mambo Group. The infamous Cafe mambo on the Sunset strip being the most known establishment of the group, the site of Radio 1’s Big Weekend and celebrity DJs every night of the week before they head to the super clubs for their main stage late night sets.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend Stage on the Rocks In Front Of Cafe Mambo
The View From Cafe Mambo On The Sunset Strip.

The group also a have number of bars, restaurants and hotels. I was very lucky to be offered the role as Concierge in their brand new San Antonio Hotel, Sa Clau by Mambo in 2018. The stunning, modern hotel opened in May 2018 to customers and couldn’t have received better reviews, one of the most beautiful Hotels I have been in and the views over San Antonio were quite literally indescribable.

On One Of The Late Season Stormy Days In Uniform Outside Sa Clau by Mambo
The View from one of the sea view rooms at Sa Clau by Mambo

My job meant I needed to know everything that was happening on the island every week and every place to recommend for all types of guest. This meant that everything I thought I knew about the island was only a tiny amount as I found out. So now I am going to share over a few blog posts all of Ibiza that most people don’t know about!

Ibiza has so much to offer, especially when you consider how tiny the island is. You have that beautiful small island feeling while also having so much to see and do! With the short flight time from europe and upto 40 degree heat in the height of summer its a no brainer really for a summer holiday!
Out of season most of the island does close down and flights go down to the bare minimum, but if you would rather go when its cooler and a more chilled vibe then anytime in April or October would be perfect.
During April and October most clubs are closed while restaurants and some of the nicer bars remain open, especially in Ibiza town which is known for being the more beautiful, classier area of Ibiza. This means the crowd that are holidaying during April and October are often a more mature, chilled crowd that are there to enjoy the island and relax or they are the few folk who live there year round. Visiting during the off peak months also means much cheaper flights and hotels which is a bonus as in peak season (June-September) flights can go up to £300+ return from London. Which is ABSURD when you think about how far you are actually going.

Year round Ibiza has so much to offer to anyone, some of the most beautiful beaches and views in the world are on Ibiza, plus the world famous San Antonio Sunset!

Sunset From The Rocks On The Sunset Strip, San Antonio, Ibiza.

As one example of something you may not know.
One of the main beauties of ibiza is Es Vedra. Es Vedra is reported as one of the most magnetic places on earth and the centre of many local myths! The huge towering rock has been depicted as the peak of Atlantis, the lost city, a base for aliens and the home of mermaids among just a few of the legends.

The stories surrounding Es Vedra are enough of a reason to visit alone. Being completely honest with you, every time I’ve visited the beach and been close to Es Vedra I have felt this kind of pull, like spiritually I felt calm and a magical vibe. Whether that’s just because it towers over you and makes you feel small, or maybe because you just feel like you are in the presence of something that has inspired so many legends, either way I feel so at peace when I have spent the day at the beach near Es Vedra.
The magical Es Vedra is a short drive from the most popular destinations to stay on the island, Ibiza Town, Playa den Bossa and San Antonio and offers incredible views, a gorgeous sandy beach and beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean and Es Vedra, book a table here at sunset for a truly magical experience! PLUS closeby are cliffs and rocks which people often visit to look at what is believed to be leftover parts of Atlantis you can still see in the ocean!

The View At Es Vedra, Ibiza 2016

This was just as a taster of what Ibiza is like which you may not know!
BELOW I have listed future ideas i have for Ibiza related Blogs, I want to share all the information you could possibly want, need or just be curious about!
I would LOVE to here what YOU would like to read about most.

FUTURE Ibiza Blogs
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– Ibiza – Beach Clubs, Super Clubs and Pool Parties – Everything YOU need to know about the venues and parties depending on your taste! Ibiza really does have something for EVERYONE
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Ibiza On A Budget

Ibiza Rocks VIP , Cuckoo Land Pool Party 2018
San Antonio Centre, View from Sa Clau by Mambo, 2018
Sunset Cruise, 2018
Heart Ibiza, 2016

I hope this has given you a small taste for Ibiza!

Here is a few sneak peeks of whats to come…

Thanks for reading, if you have similar blogs then PLEASE do let me know I would love to check them out too.

DONT FORGET I also write about travel, lifestyle and more so stay tuned!

Love to all
Stay Safe
Wear A Mask
Be Kind
Rachael x



30 July 2020 at 3:01 pm

This is well written! I am not a party person myself, but my brother is and has always said how he would love to go Ibiza! I will share this with him. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more blogs!

Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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