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Interview – Sustainable Fitness with Rachel Mailer

One of my oldest, dearest friends.. the gorgeous Rachel Mailer..
Welcome and Welcome Back to my little blog! Today I have a fun one, Rachel Mailer is one of my oldest, dearest friends and she’s also a fantastic Team Beachbody Nutrition and Fitness coach and today she launched her BRAND NEW WEBSITE!
Smashing her own goals and helping others too. I have Rach as my coach, I personally use a selection of workouts like insanity and T20 because they are insaneeee! PLUS I need to be held accountable otherwise, the workouts ain’t happening!!
Rachel’s brand new website – Sustainable Fitness With Rachel Mailer is linked right HERE.

So today I invited her along for a chat and to share what she does and how she can help you too!

When did you first get into fitness and what peaked your interest?

I started at the end of July 2019. I reached my real low point, rock bottom after coming home from a holiday. The holiday was amazing visiting canada and USA, like always I experienced it through the food and drink culture.
After coming home I felt bloated. So much so that I was skipping meals (mainly dinners), but then getting hungry late at night and snacking on whatever was in the cupboards. Usually biscuits! Can easily eat a whole packet and not realise. I was sick of feeling unhealthy and I felt LONELY. Lonely in my personal life and I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. People would try and be support and tell me I looked great, I don’t need to change but this didn’t matter because my confidence was down. I felt like the pressures of not being where I thought I would be at 30 got to me, perhaps more than I thought.
I decided to try things out on my own, I asked my gym at the time about nutrition and they told me to chat to a nutritionist. This way was well above my budget so I looked elsewhere. A lady on instagram reached out to me (after I was checking out her feed and stories everyday for some time) and asked if I would lie to start a 100 day fitness program. It came with her 1:1 support, daily check ins, nutrition plans, weekly recipes, recipe book, calendar, trackers, workout library and some FREE samples too!!
I thought I might as well as I have spent at least 3 extra months feeling like rubbish, complaining but not doing anything to make myself feel better.
When I started working with her it was hard but I loved reaching my small goals and after seeing results after just 1 week I was blown away, it gave me the motivation to keep going and keep pushing myself. A few months in I upgraded to a VIP client, grabbing discounts on products I was already buying! I completed my 100 days on 5th November 2019. That’s when I upgraded again to be a coach, I now help my clients get through their struggles and overcome them to reach their goals, just like I have!

How did you come across beachbody and what made you want to sign up?

I signed up because I told myself I would get fit on my own, 3 months passed and I hadn’t done anything, I was still bloated, skipping meals, feeling horrible in my skin and had gained so much holiday weight, I was worse off than when I saw the offer to try this out. I was ready to try something new and invest the money in something. It was scary to part with my money as I work long days and work hard for it. But I knew I needed to change my diet to see the results I wanted but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know what to eat when, what supplements I should be taking, what ingredients to avoid and paying for a nutritionist or Personal Trainer was not in my budget. I went all in with a deluxe pack, giving me a kick up the bum, I learnt how to cook for myself and my family, what to eat and why and how to fuel my body etc. Also grabbing discounts on the products I was already using and loved (who doesn’t like a discount)

What’s been your biggest struggle so far?

Honestly over the past year I have had so many. I overcome them but then more come about.
First was my confidence, but within a week of my 1st program (100 days long), I lost 1.2 kg (2.7 Ibs) and I wasn’t snacking due to my meal plan and shakes. Not just a protein shake but much more. As soon as I started seeing those results my confidence shot up!
I struggled with fitting the workouts in as at the beginning I was doing it in the evening after a 8 hour day at nursery school (kindergarten), where I look after 6 months – 5 year olds.
On the online support page, my team devised a bingo game to see how long we could workout in the AM for, before starting our busy days. I love a challenge so gave it my best shot, on some mornings I woke up at 5am as i had to leave my house at 7am. I’m not a morning person (I used to have to set 5 alarms!!) so I was nervous about this, so I drank my liquid luck for a clean caffeine boost. I was surprised how much more energy I had for my working day, running after the children. I found I wasn’t peckish at all in the AM as I learnt how to fuel my body properly for my workout then replenish with our muscle reboot and a yummy breakfast, all before work.
I also struggled with waking up early but after buying my first personal development book and completing it (the miracle morning by Hal Elrod) I used some of these tips to create my own morning routine. I now teach them to my own clients and work with them to create routines that work for them and their lifestyles!

What exactly does your role involved then? What can people expect if they sign up to work with you!

I give daily support to my clients through private online support and accountability groups, I use Facebook and our own private app, to help include everyone as some people do not have social media. Here I check in with my clients, we hold each other accountable to our goals. We become a family, helping each other through the struggles and the successes. I am also reaching for my own goals, even as your coach I am right there doing the workouts along side you, eating the foods, supporting you by your side not just giving advice or barking orders.
I share meal plans and recipes through our group and my free newsletter.
My clients receive 1:1 support when requested, and I can even send you a daily reminder to do your workout or encouragement to stick to your food goals at a time which suits you. All my clients are individuals and have their own needs which I accommodate for!
We work out stuff TOGETHER, the struggles you are having and how to overcome them, celebrate good times whether that be your birthday, reaching your goal, a personal milestone or most engaged group member. I am all about staying positive and keeping things fun so we have regular games in my groups, helping you to stay on track, get involved but also get the most out of your journey. Yes, you want the physical results but it is largely to do with the mental and emotional mindset. It can take time but with my encouragement, support and the tools I provide you will have sustainable results, which will last.

What have you personally gained from Beachbody and your coaching journey so far?

I gained confidence and love in myself. I started because I was unhappy with how I looked and where I was in life. I didn’t feel fulfilled with my current career and thought I didn’t have any other skills so felt stuck. I have been working in childcare for 11 years now and I do love helping young children develop but the stresses of this environment had wore me down. My income from my coaching really helped to pay of my credit card dept and allows me to live the life I want.
I love routines, planning and a itinerary so when I came across an 100 day all included fitness & nutrition program with recipe books, nutrition plans, online support with people reaching similar goals, even some equipment, free shakes and pre & post workout, 1:1 coaching, workout and fitness tracking calendars, program journal, tools to learn my food portions and more. I jumped in! I was nervous and very sceptical, I thought it wouldn’t work and even placed a note on the calendar to remind myself to send it back for the 30 day money-back guarantee.
I have never spent money on a fitness pack before now so was worried it might just be a scam or it just wouldn’t work, the guarantee made me feel better and I popped it all on my credit card to help me split the cost in a easier way. I was shocked after the first week because I saw dramatic results losing 1.2 kg (2.7 Ibs). This immediately boosted my confidence in the program and in myself. My hard work, trying new foods and not snacking was paying off!

I began reading some personal development books, this was a big deal for me as I have Dyslexia and find reading very frustrating. I tried some affirmations to help change my mindset on trying new foods and my confidence from the inside. I began not caring about what other thought which was a huge thing for me as I have been bullied for most of my childhood. I even posted my sweaty selfies on social media as I was super excited about the program and just wanted to share it! 

My end results after the 100 days, boosted my confidence which after a full year of starting that program I have not lost. the inches keep coming off and now I am in the process of toning up with our brand new 3 week program. I gained friends for life, I am nutrition program certified and have gained a business. This business is a way for me to work for myself but also provide for my future family as I have always said, I will not work full time in childcare when I have children.

What top tips can you recommend to someone who wants to get in the best shape of their life!??

First think about what you want to achieve, what is your goal? Is it to lose weight, gain confidence, build muscle, tone up etc. write that goal down, I say when you write down a goal it makes it real. Then ask yourself, why you want this? Do not take too long to think about it, usually our first response is the most accurate. Your reason behind your goal is sometimes more important that your actual goal as this will help you stick to your path when things get tough. Changing your mindset to a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle can be a challenge, whether you are focusing on fitness or nutrition, each have their own obstacles to overcome.
Mine was snacking and consistency; when things got to hard I would just give up, therefore never seeing the results. My solution, these incredible super-food shakes which come free with a pack to get you started right, I substitute them with baking products to make healthier alternative as well as sneaking in those extra veggies to make a meal replacement or just as a refreshing and tasty snack. My consistency was challenged throughout these programs, but remembering that I am doing this for my future children and my mental health lead me to keep up with it.
Next you need to find support: at first my family did not support me, this made me feel alone but I had support from my groups. These people understood as they were pushing their boundaries too, we would remind ourselves that the exercises do not get easier, you get fitter. Without this support I would have given up along time ago, I wouldn’t of had the courage to turn it into a business nor help my current clients. Now my family supports me, they can see how much more confident and determined I am. I share how I help people and they are proud
To summarise…
1. Make a goal – write it down
2. Think of your why?
3. Find support
4. Ask questions and share experiences
5. Have FUN!

Why should people who are looking to get fit come to YOU rather than a gym or using free workouts on YouTube?

People should come to me because I have done it all, I have tried those free 30 day app workouts, Abs in 30 days, better booty, fad diets, YouTube, Pinterest print outs and just generally controlling my food intake. I want to share that these do not work for everyone, especially anyone who needs to be held accountable or lacks motivation. The amount of time I wasted looking up each workout for that day, or giving up after 20 days because I just didn’t have the time to do 200 squats, or I became bored with eating the same meals, or my cravings going through the roof as I deprived myself of foods. I also avoided the workouts that i didn’t like e.g. cardio; this made me only work one muscle group at a time for 2-3 weeks. I didn’t see results so I gave up.
I understand why I did this, because it was free, but this doesn’t work for everyone and free doesn’t give you the awesome tools I provide to make it last, nor give you consistency with workouts!

With me I guarantee you WILL see results, you WILL learn how to fuel your body, you’ll receive a personalised meal plan, you’ll stay consistent and feel good in yourself! The workout library has saved so much time for me as the workouts range from 10 – 45 minutes and it has a wide range of workout styles so you never get bored. I have made a daily routine which I share with my clients, to help them have more time with their family and friends. You can fit it around your lifestyle and have time for yourself. The built in nutrition means you aren’t putting in all your time at the gym but not seeing results, I am here with you at every step of your journey and beyond. My support doesn’t finish when your program ends, you have me for life!
With me you will have a no excuses radar as you can workout where ever you go, as the workout library is on an app, everyone has at least 30 minutes of spare time in their day. I chose to wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit this in to my lifestyle but we will work together to make it work for you. Other price plans start from £13.33 p/m: billed every 3 months at £40 includes 2 week trial. Or can grab my personalised Meal Plans from £29.00 p/m: visit: website for more details)

What do you say to anyone whos on the fence about working with you?!

I first ask if they have any questions or reservations. The most common objections I receive are; “no time, don’t have the money, home workouts aren’t for me, I only want nutrition”. 
1. Time: I ask them about their day, write down a typical day. 
2. Money: I get it, I was there, it does seem like a lot at first and I thought the same. But you have to think of it as an investment into your health which will last a lifetime. This isn’t something that you will waste your money on like before as it will work for you and if you don’t like it after 30 days you can have your money-back guaranteed or you can start with a 2 week free trial and see if it is for you.
3. No to home workouts: I thought the same, I thought it wouldn’t be for me so much so I popped the return date on my calendar. This changed after the first workout, I loved it. The combination of music, weight training and fun made the time go super quick. The moves are simple and you have step by step guide to learn the moves, there always is a modifier in the programs which i used A LOT. You build up your muscles, tone up and get stronger. It was the best decision i made. 
4. Only Nutrition: You have a few options, no need to get the workout library if this isn’t your goal, it can always be added at a later date or not at all. You can grab our super-food shake which has the nutritious value of 7 salads, probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, adaptogens etc. It is a real nutrition kick that you cant get from normal foods. The biggest thing for me was helping to stop my sweet cravings and so easy to grab and go so i don’t skip meals.

Or can take a deep dive into nutrition with 1 of our courses; one uses containers to help you gain food freedom and the knowledge behind what and why you are eating things. You will overcome food cravings and learn how to shop in a store and more. The other let’s you overcome your cravings by giving you the freedom to eat huge quantities but of the correct amount, it changes your mindset to help you change your life.

Most importantly I respect their decision, I understand that this isn’t for everyone nor can I accommodate everyone’s needs. For instance, I cannot accommodate keto diets, face to face training, zone diets, or raw food diet. My nutrition plans are based upon an in-depth nutrition course designed by Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese, who has over 5 years PT training and certified nutritionist.

A huge thank you to Rachel!

To get in touch with Rachel about your goals and how she could help you I have popped the links below to her website and Instagram!

I would LOVE to speak with you and do a blog together!
Shouting out about independent businesses and giving me great content!

***This is not a sponsored post or a ad – I am very good friends with Rach and she is launching her website so I wanted to help her get the word out about her services!***



24 February 2021 at 4:58 pm

loved reading this interview! I will def check her program out. She sounds like a very down to earth and genuine human being. 🙂 there needs to be more people like her in this world.

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