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5 Awesome Places to Drink and Play in Brighton

Drink and Play – Brighton Pier isn’t just for the kids… There is plenty for grown ups too!

If you have read my blog before you might already have noticed, I LOVE AN ACTIVITY! Whether it be something classic like bowling or something a bit crazy like a ball pit bar! If I can drink AND play.. I am keen!

I have been to some incredible locations in London, and lots on my bucketlist! It really is a city full of incredible options BUT what I don’t think people realise is that Brighton has so much more to offer than just a pebble beach, seaside pubs and seagulls!

SO…Today I am going to cover a few of my favourite places in Brighton for grown ups to drink and play, have fun and let the big kid in you out!! Of course you don’t need to drink to be able to enjoy any of these activities though, I can also promise whatever the age, there is something fun for everyone on this list!


Drink and Play – Images taken from Loading Bars Website.

Loading is a gamers DREAM!!
A gaming bar right on the seafront by the Brighton Palace Pier. Serving game themed cocktails like ‘Assassins Mead’ and ‘Pokemon Lets Sloe‘. So it would almost be criminal to NOT drink AND play here! Working with creators and publishers to bring people closer to the best games first and for free! With everything from classic to all the most up to date consoles, you can play whatever you fancy for as long as you like, as long as your buying drinks. They have a food menu too! Every Loading has Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, SNES Mini, 60+ Boardgames.

Drink and Play Images taken from Loading Bars Website.
Drink and Play Images taken from Loading Bars Website.

This place is awesome!

Something really different and unique for committed gamers and novices alike. Whether you’ve only ever played original mario or your a expert on everything from sonic to COD… there is something for everyone and never a dull moment. Great for a date night or with friends or WHY NOT just go alone…. Hang out with Mario!


Drink and Play
Drink and Play

The North Laine Brewhouse might look like a pretty normal place from the outside but there is so much going on inside, it’s definitely worth checking out! Every night of the week, there is always something going on. With pub quizzes, bottomless brunch, ‘King Pong’ and BuckBuck games… PLUS a whole host of beers on tap, you have so many many options to drink and play… you might just want to visit every night to try it all!

Drink and Play


…drinks deals, again, BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH, and amazing sunday roasts! Great for weekdays or weeknights, PLUS they have they are a brewhouse!
Offering tours behind the scenes to see where the beer is made and even have tastings. The place is huge and in a gorgeous building with their home brewed beers on show behind the bar!


This one definitely stands out with a huge Kraken across the front!!

Drink and Play – You Won’t Miss The Kraken!
Drink and Play

The World’s End is my personal favourite places to drink and play on the list! That’s because The Worlds End is a Arcade Pub that is like no other, whether you are out with friends, family or on a date, they have really got you covered!

Downstairs there are 4 Virtual Reality Gaming Booths

so you can immerse yourself in other world gaming. When you head up to the arcade floor you find The World’s Raceway, A 10 driver remote control race track where you can race friends or strangers on a super cool racetrack to loud music in your own driving seat. You even get a personalised licence you create and keep with your picture and name or nickname… you can get as silly as you like AND your picture and name appear on a huge scoreboard on the wall next to the track!

A host guides you through the game and even the BEST drivers find their skills tested. With mini replicas of Aston Martin, Mini, Ferrari, VW Campervan, Ford and more you can even try and get your DREAM car for the race!!! But trust me… it is much tougher than it looks. I have seen MANY a bruised ego from the races.

Drink and Play
SIDE NOTE – I used to actually work here as a games host and it was THE MOST FUN I have ever had! Plus up here there are a load of retro arcade machines including Mortal Combat and Time Crisis!
Drink and Play – It’s Much Harder Than It Looks…

PLUS a photobooth and plenty of board games available to play if your looking for a more civilised night. Check out their website for other events, fun themed bingo, live cabaret, quizzes and live music coming up.


Jungle Rumble Mini Golf is SO MUCH MORE than just a mini golf course… set ON Brighton seafront literally a tiny stones throw from the pebbles with views of Brighton Palace Pier and beach.

Drink and Play – Jungle Rumble Mini Golf

There are 2 courses, you can choose to drink and play round just 1 or both if your feeling keen!
Plus a really cool beach shack bar right at the entrance so you can take your drinks round the course with you, PERFECT for a date night, trip with friends or the kids! It’s completely family friendly so its a all round crowd pleaser. The bar looks like a beach shack and has a rooftop terrace which is JUST STUNNING in the summer… play some mini golf, then grab another drink and sit and watch the incredible Brighton sunset over the pier from the roof terrace. I actually couldn’t picture many better evenings.

Drink and Play – Jungle Rumble Mini Golf

The mini golf course itself is really good too!

Relatively challenging (well… for me it was! haaa) and plenty of holes to go round so you definitely won’t get bored or finish too quickly.


Drink and play at Komedia
Drink and Play Komedia Brighton
Drink and Play Komedia Brighton

Komedia is a Brighton Institution!! Most famous for the HILARIOUS Krater comedy nights with some of the best comedians around, including some big names. Also offering up live music, comedy and spoken word shows in upstairs and downstairs rooms, plus regular club nights!

One of my favourite nights is Musical Bingo which is JUST AS FUN AS IT SOUNDS!!! You get your bingo cards when you go in and instead of calling numbers, they play SONGS, then you just have to cross them off on your bingo sheet and shout BINGO when your ready! The prizes are ridiculous, the music is fun and everyone gets involved.. singing, dancing on tables and generally having the best time.

Drink and Play Komedia Brighton

Each event you go to at Komedia feels like a new night and that’s what’s SO fab about it! You can never get bored because every event is different.

Komedia also have Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse.

Dukes at Komedia is the younger sister of Brighton’s Iconic Duke of Yorks cinema. With 2 screen, a bar and kitchen, this is one of the coolest cinemas youll ever go to. The cinema shows a great mix of new movies, blockbusters and independent films making it stand out to your regular cinema.

Brighton Pavilion

Here are my top 3 tips to make the most of anywhere you go…
Whether you’ve been a hundred times or its your first time!

    Asking the locals what they recommend doing in any place is a great way to find hidden gems! If you know someone who lives in the place your visiting

There are TONNES of other bars and things to do in Brighton, I will be back soon with more posts on Brighton.
If there is anything in particular that YOU would like to see then let me KNOW!

I genuinely hope you have enjoyed this piece, if you try anywhere out then let me know!
If you have any suggestions let me know, I always love to find fun, new places to try.

Lots of love

Stay safe


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11 September 2020 at 5:45 pm

I don’t need to hear more than “Bottomless Brunch” and I’m in haha. All of these places sound like great fun, especially the mini golf!

15 September 2020 at 10:25 am

Oh wow these all look amaze! I have never been to Brighton before but I would love to go!

15 September 2020 at 10:30 am

Thanks for sharing, I have never been to Brighton these look lovely places to visit 🙂

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