Planning Outfits For My 30th Birthday.

I own approximately 200,000 potential outfits and only need 3…
SO what did I do? OBVIOUSLY I ordered more…

***This post contains some affiliate links, I paid full price when I bought every item and all reviews are honest and my own***

Having planned a whole big weekend away with friends (those plans are coming in their own special blog post!) I now needed to decide on outfits.
NOW… the outfits for any occasion are obviously a big factor.. the night will forever be immortalised in photos and in those photos you want to look GREAT, not only that but how an outfit makes you feel when your in it will set your mood for the whole night.
I don’t know about you but if I feel comfortable, sexy and confident in my outfit then that is what I project out to the world!

I am a curvy girl! I am on the verge of Plus size… I go between a 14 and 16 so I fortunately don’t have as much of a struggle finding options for me but I definitely find it somewhat difficult. I love my shape, but I am self-conscious! I try to be kind to myself but its hard sometimes when a dress shows off all your lumpy bumpy bits. I genuinely envy all the big, beautiful, body positive women out there because I am still struggling.
It took some years to adjust my style to my size. I know that sounds strange but it really does… the styles that suited my body at Size 8 do not always suit my Size 14-16 body now!

ANYWAY enough about that, lets get to the fun bit!

SO The weekends outfits need to be broken down into 3…
– LOOK 1 – Friday Night – reaaally cool rooftop bar in shoreditch, the Golden Bee and then on to a Barrio for tacos and cocktails. Going to want something fun, edgy and individual. Basically want to feel like a bad ass!!! Kick off the weekend as I mean to go on.
– LOOK 2 – Saturday Day – Bottomless brunch at Serrata Hall. Summery, classy, beautiful! Looking like a lady while drinking rum punch and prosecco before it all becomes a mess…
– LOOK 3 – Saturday Night – This is where the big fun is going to start… Starting on the rooftop of the amazing Queen Of Hoxton, moving onto Callooh Callay for cocktails, cocktails, cocktails and finishing at London Cocktail Club – Shoreditch finishing the night with tonnes more cocktails including 2 4 1 on CRACK BABY (It’s a cocktail, I SWEAR!). So this night I am going for EXTRA.. I want to stand out! My night, I wanna feel GREAT, confident and again… badass!


I have 2 options narrowed down for this evening! Both are black (like my soul) and a show some skin, just how I like.

The first is a black long sleeve velvet oversized top / dress! There is a really nice lace up part down the front which I love and the sides curve up at the thigh so it shows a bit more leg without being too short!! WHICH IS ALWAYS A BONUS when you have a big bum like me… mini skirts become BELTS on me.

Iv teamed this up with thigh high boots with a high heel. Because the dress is loose and I don’t have much cleavage, the thigh high’s just make the outfit that bit dressier.
Very comfortable, almost a safe option as its loose and alot of me is covered but still looks dressy.
No idea where the top of from, the boots are Pretty Little Thing.

The second outfit choice for friday night is the ”Slick Right In” Ribbed Square Neck Midi Dress from NastyGal. LOVE a thigh split!

Love a square neck because I think its super flattering and even though the dress is very fitted it doesn’t cling to every bump so its really flattering. I feel really good in this dress! This is a absolutely classic dress, very flattering and I think a wardrobe staple for any one… who doesn’t need another LBD.

My 2 options for Friday Night… DECISIONS DECISIONS…


Brunch on saturday is a fun, summery, drunken affair and I need an outfit to match!

First option is a monotone leopard print midi dress from Pretty Little Thing.

Very comfortable and flattering, plenty of room to enjoy lots of good food. Add a belt, choker and a denim jacket to finish the look then either boots or sandals! I feel really confident in this look but also very casual aaaaaand DO I want to feel casual at my 30th Birthday Brunch?!

NEXT LOOK is stunnnning…. a Orange Tie Dye two piece. The top is a corset style with a ruched side midi skirt on the bottom, both Pretty Little Thing.

I fell in love with this online because i thought the shape was amazing and in person it was even better than I had hoped. One issue when it arrived was that I felt the split only came up to just above my knee but I wanted to make more of a statement with it so I stitched that up further so it shows more thigh! This one feels special on.. it feels very pretty on.

Saturday Afternoon Bottomless Brunch Options…


For the big saturday night outfit I went back to Nasty Gal for both options… both are a little extra and are stunnning!

First is the ”Angel On My Shoulder” Black Feather Mini Dress from NastyGal.

The front of the dress has rows of feathers while the back is plain, which to be honest I am glad about! This dress is sexy and boujee and eee it felt special! Now… I did genuinely have to hoover after i tried it on but SCREW IT … its a birthday. Its a mini but its not TOO MINI… i tried this on with a pair of my highest stilettos and still didnt feel like my privates were going to pop out (which is always a good sign!)
Very impressed with how comfortable it was and how good it made me feel!

The next is the ‘Feather A Dull Moment’ White Mini Dress from NastyGal. NOW I KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBABLY THINKING… a white dress! Are you crazyyyyy. Yes, yes I am and I know full well I will probably regret it when I get to bar 3 of the night and the dress is a off brown colour with blobs of red rather than the white… but it is BEAUTIFUL! and it just feels GLAM when I have it on…
I mean how could you not feel absolutely amazing in this.

Saturday Nights Boujee Options…


Let me know which outfits you think would be best for each part of the celebrations…

After the weekend has been I will be doing a really exciting blog on all things 30th!
Every bar we go to, our unreal penthouse apartment in shoreditch with a roof terrace, all the outfits, all the girls, and all the surprises I have planned and that my friends have planned for me!

I have popped the link to each dress on the picture so just give them a little click if you wanna buy! NastyGal has a 50% off sale right now and PLT are offering 60% off end of season items so it is the PERFECT time to check them out!
***Post not sponsored by Nasty Gal or PLT, I am just a HUGE Fan of both. The post does however include done affiliate links***



29 July 2020 at 6:47 am

I love your outfits . When I forget it Happy birthday sweetie 🥰🥰🥰💋💋

30 July 2020 at 2:28 pm

Aw! Happy birthday in advance ma’am ❤️ outfits are great 😀

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