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Reasons to Love Luvanto in Lockdown

AD | Our idea of the ‘roaring 20s’ has not exactly lived up to expectations, however, two aspects of our life at home have become more prominent over our time in lockdown.

The first is that people now have the time to replenish their homes and alter rooms which were lacking aesthetic quality. Secondly, homeowners desire to move to an entirely new property gained great momentum.

It may be obvious to some but spending quality time with your family and in a lot, cases working from home, brings about the need to redecorate. Which is what has led to the rise in the search for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring amongst homeowners. The benefit of vinyl flooring in areas such as spare rooms, living rooms and even stairs or landing spaces, breathes life into the corners of the home that usually go unnoticed when we are regularly attending work and social occasions outside of the home. 

This is where Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring became the most popular choice on the market.

Only Time Will Tell

Lockdown has blessed many households with unusually extensive amounts of time on their hands. Which has resulted in endless lists of amendments and changes they’d like to make within their homes.

In contrast to usual work or travel routines, families discovered they have spent minimal amounts of times at home which aren’t spent sleeping or eating. All that altered greatly when families were made to spend more time indoors, which brought about the intense need for home development and renovations.

If the need to tear up your old carpets and replace them with a material which is fresh and durable arises, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is that go-to material. Not solely for ease of installation, but also for the financial benefits from savings from hiring a professional vinyl flooring fitter and its simplicity in care and maintenance.

Luvanto Flies Off the Shelves

The miracle flooring that is Luvanto gained a reputation for being the most popular vinyl flooring brand because its exhibits many lifestyle and design benefits simultaneously.

Whether you’re opting for the click-down planks or glue-down tiles, every room in your home will reap the benefits of containing flooring which perfectly replicates authentic materials such as wood, stone and slate. Wood effect vinyl flooring is a popular choice for living spaces, whereas Luvanto stone and slate vinyl tiles are more often found in the bathroom or kitchen areas.

Luvanto Endure Pro is the leading range in the Luvantocollection because it exhibits the options for oak or stone effect, which are designed on a highly durable wear layer. Alternatively the Luvanto Design collection demonstrates creativeness and a sense of chic with shades such as Sparkle White to Natural Swarn for total domestic elegance and luxury. If you’re the type to go your own way with your interior design, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the Click and Herringbone range. This diverse collection enhances domestic performance whilst catching the eyes of your home’s residents and guests, with shades such as Midnight Silver and Black Ash.

If you love the chance to express your creative flair then the Luvanto Parquet range puts harmony between a mix a natural and washed oaks, so any pattern you create will work perfectly with soft or hard furnishings in your home.

With a little help from Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, the 20’s might not be roaring yet, but they will definitely be spent loving your new Luvanto vinyl flooring.

Rachael Hawksworth




27 November 2020 at 10:05 pm

It’s amazing how differently we look at our homes when we live and work in them now. I’m lucky I haven’t decorated yet as now I can do it as we live now not as we used to live. Thanks for sharing.

28 November 2020 at 9:33 pm

What a great post! Lockdown as definitely been one for home renovation, and things like flooring can be so difficult to source!


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