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Shoreditch Rooftops, Turning 30 and Rose Gold Everything!

This photo was taken moments before the 3 flew away…. Honestly very nearly cried!
Dress is from NastyGal – Linked in the picture. I wore a size 14.


And I feel good for it.. there have of course been waves of anxiety around turning 30 and I think that is pretty standard. The nerves of entering a new decade of your life, comparing where you are in your life with others and constantly being told that ”your 30s are the best years of your life”.. how do you prepare for that!?
BUT I have comfortably reached a point where it feels strange to say I am in my 20’s and I felt so ready for a fresh start so here I am, 30 YEAR OLD ME!

I have always been big on birthdays, mine or others. I love the amount of love that goes into birthday events whether they are big or small and having all your favourite people around you. Treating your friends to things you know they’ll love and then generally making it a special occasion. So when it came to planning my big 3 0 I was SO excited!

The plans for my birthday have changed DRASTICALLY over the last 6 months due to Covid-19 restrictions and the whole thing has been very uncertain. All that I really knew for sure was that I wanted to be able to be with my friends and have a really lovely time! AND that we DID.

My girls treated me like a PRINCESS!! So much love, they all made me feel very special.
For the weekend 10 friends and I went to Shoreditch in London, we stayed in London Apartments Shoreditch and had 2 apartments.

A 2 bedroom apartment and the Penthouse both of which were STUNNING, plus there is a communal roof terrace with views of the london skyline. We couldn’t believe we managed to pay less that £70 each for 2 nights for such beautiful apartments in such a central shoreditch location! Highly recommend. The apartments had everything we needed and could’ve wanted, including washing machines, fridge/freezers, towels, hairdryers and the penthouse had A TV IN THE BATHTUB… you read that right… I HAD A BATH AND WATCHED TV. Honestly.. it was goals. Now I am super into bath’s and I am adding a bathtub with TV to my vision board ASAP!
ANYWAY, on to the fun..


Dress is NastyGal – linked on the pictures! I wore a size 14.
After we had more than a few drinks at the apartment and getting ready together, which is always one of the most fun parts, we started our night at the Golden Bee!

The Golden Bee lounge and cocktail bar in Shoreditch is an oasis of excitement and elegance in London’s trendiest neighborhood. Featuring three floors of space and one of the capital’s most sought-after rooftop terraces. The only part which is open at the moment was the rooftop, so we booked a table up here! This worked for me though because I am a sucker for a rooftop bar… if its got a rooftop, I’M GOING. The vibe was lively, the staff were great and the whole place was just gorgeous. The cocktail menu is extensive, you will definitely find something you’ll like, I went for a classic and had a few long island ice teas. The girls all had cocktails and nothing but a good word to say about them! It’s colourful, lively AND has a killer view of shoreditch.. I just wish we had stayed longer now!! Will definitely be back.

Nothing to see here… Just falling off a chair with my long island..

We went on to Barrio after for food but sadly they had closed their kitchen early so we headed to Dinerama and then home… We had already planned Saturday was going to be a huge day so a EARLY NIGHT FRIDAY was ESSENTIAL!


Early in the morning started with balloons, cake and presents from all my friends!!! They were so sweet and surprised me! Honestly made me feel like a princess.. no words really I just know I have the best friends a girl could hope for! Rose gold EVERYTHING of course because its my favourite and all my gifts were SO thoughtful…including a vineyard tour, Hot Tub Time Machine (great while buffalo), beauty treatment vouchers, cat socks obviously and so much more… feeling like the luckiest girl in the world!

It wouldn’t be my birthday without bottomless brunch! I love brunch, the only thing I love more than brunch is a BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH! We decided on Serata Hall in Shoreditch and oh WOW we were in for a TREAT. When they say bottomless… THEY MEANT IT!

We were offered these unreal sharing bowls of amazing rum punch spread out down the table, bottles of prosecco & juices that were all constantly being topped up.. we literally NEVER ran out of a drink. I was SO impressed because unfortunately sometimes restaurants aren’t that great at topping up the bottomless but they really really were. The food was spectacular too, I had the truffle tagliatelle and was very tasty, truffle… WHAT A TREAT!! HONESTLY might be the best bottomless brunch we have had, and we have had A FEW. Such a treat!

The bottomless brunch offer is whatever brunch option you want plus £25pp for the bottomless, a huge perk with Serata Hall is also that they don’t force everyone at the table to have bottomless if they don’t want to! Some restaurants we have visited, when you book they make the whole table pay for bottomless incase someone tries to sneak some of the drinks, so it’s so great that we were all able to choose and order what we wanted as some of us are not big drinkers, whereas I AM!!
All this plus the restaurant is beautiful and there is a DJ playing for the whole afternoon.. you can’t go wrong!

Had just the best time with the girls and I know we will definitely be back!

Then it was back to the apartment for a change, more drinks and some rooftop pics!

Skirt tagged from PrettyLittleThing – the matching corset top is also available!
This outfit made me feel like a million bucks and both the top and skirt are on SALE on PrettyLittleThing at the moment in different colours and patterns! I wore a size 14 in both top and skirt.

Then onto the Queen Of Hoxton, again for a table on their super cool rooftop! The views from here were unbelievable!! Service, AMAZING! I sadly can’t remember the lovely woman’s name who served us but I am in love with her and honestly just wish she was my friend. Slushy cocktails… mine was basically a tequila slush and I was in HEAVEN. Fun, laid back vibe and quick, friendly service.

To end the night we went to London Cocktail Club – Shoreditch! Now.. I wasn’t sure what to expect during covid times from a late night bar (2am being late night during covid ties anyway…) but it didn’t disappoint! We had our own space with plenty of room round our table to dance! Every day they offer 2 4 1 on a selected cocktail and when we went the cocktail of the day was Crack Baby, a passionfruity shooter cocktail served in a SYRINGE (no needle of course!) and OH MY it was not just super tasty but also served in such a fun way, that is RIGHT up my alley. The pictures all ended up a little provocative though… OOPS!

After a messy, fun weekend filled with love and so much laughter we headed home on Sunday. Everyone had such fun and I know I will never forget it. Over the weekend I had given everyone personalised party bags! Each party bag had a personalised mirror, personalised prosecco glass, face masks, personalised temporary tattoos, lighters, sweets, chewing gum and all kinds of fun things like that… basically whatever you could need for a weekend away!

I also brought along punch bowls, personalised bubbles, a lot of alcohol and shots!

I wanted to make sure we all wanted for nothing!! And I think it’s safe to say we had everything we could have needed or wanted!

I really did NOT want to leave our gorgeous apartments… LOOK at that view!

Such a stunning view from the roof terrace of our apartments! Such a hidden gem in Shoreditch London and SO SUPER CENTRAL!

The Monday after I got home was my actual birthday and my mum, bless her HEART love her so much, went ALL OUT! Again.. Rose gold EVERYTHING! All my gifts are absolutely beautiful, clothes, jewellery, shoes, everything.. I am going to do have to do a whole post just on all my presents because there are honestly too many to rave about in here!

I am a very lucky woman!

We spent the day enjoying the sunshine, opening gifts and visiting my Nan for a socially distant visit! I was even treated to deliveroo lunch AND dinner… very naughty but so worth it and since its my birthday, WHY THE HELL NOT!
This weekend coming up I am continuing the celebrations by seeing my new baby nephew and family, I didn’t see him this weekend as I hadn’t been able to socially distance in London. I will be isolating this week so I can give him a little cuddle when I see him next week!

I had SUCH a fantastic long weekend, feeling like a real life princess I have been so very spoilt. Feeling very loved and couldn’t have asked for a better Covid year 30th!
I have linked all the bars and outfits – anything else you want to know just comment!
Stay Safe
Wear A Mask

Love you all!
Rachael x



7 August 2020 at 9:35 pm

Happy birthday! Enjoy being 30 <3

11 August 2020 at 3:24 am

Thank you for following my blog

17 August 2020 at 2:16 pm

Oh … To Be 30 Again! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends. Pictures look great and the color of your blog matches the occasion. Always great to have a blog to look back at things you enjoyed the most over the years. Great Post 🙂

12 January 2021 at 12:24 am

Happy birthday!! 🙂 wishing you all the best on this trip around the sun

Kenzie xx

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